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Shipping options are automatically calculated in the Paypal shopping cart. Simply enter your zip code or click "Ship Outside the U.S.".  Both Domestic and International ship via USPS Priority and Global Priority Mail respectively. Tracking is available on the USPS website and tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment confirmation. 

Option: Shipping
Option: Audio 7/10 Jumper

If your motherboard has a Firewire connector, Skip to Step 2.  Otherwise, decide whether you are going to buy a separate FireWire card (recommended) or if you need to add the NoFirewire Cable option.


Simple as 1,2,3.

Please make sure you checked out the Requirements on the How It Works page. 

Choose whether you would like the additional AUDIO jumper. If you don't have a Gigabyte motherboard, this option doesn't apply. See FAQ on How It Works page for more information.

$99.95 per cable


Ordering Instructions


$9, USPS Priority Mail ($2 added for each additional cable)

International (Includes Canada):

$43, USPS Global Priority Mail (Rate: http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#3124738)


Add $3.00 per cable

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Paypal Accepted.

Add $5.00 per cable


Option: NoFirewire Cable
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