Before you buy that shiny "Like New" Apple G5 case, make sure it has the proper front panel I/O board to use with my G5 cable. The one you want has an 18pin header connector on it. 

Model: 922-5979, 630-4805, and 820-1560

Desc: Apple Front Panel Board

Date of Manuf: June-Late 2004 - Early 2005

Are you still making cables? 

It's 2022 and there is Omicron COVID-19, but yes I am still making and shipping cables.

Is my motherboard compatible?

As long as your motherboard has standard header connectors for FPANEL, USB, FIREWIRE*, AUDIO it's compatible. There are known issues with some Gigabyte boards, but they only affect the audio connector.

What if my MB doesn't have FireWire?

Two options. 1. Purchase a separate cheap FireWire card (recommended). Any PCI or PCIe will do, as long as it has a header connector on it. See Helpful Links below. 2. Add the NoFireWire Cable when ordering to include a 15" single wire patch cable.

My power button and LED don't work?

You're probably missing the firewire ground. See above for solution.

Do I have to plug in all the cables?

No. The audio cable is not necessary for proper functioning of other features.

Do I need an Audio 7/10 jumper cable?

Maybe. Some Gigabyte mb (Z68, Z77) could make use of a jumper between the 7&10 audio pins. See this article for further explanation.

Why is my headphone jack not working?
G5 to ATX cables lose the original Apple switching sense ability, so if you want to use the front headphone jack, you need to activate it in OSX system preferences and turn off all other sound outputs.

Connectors don't fit on my MB?

Check the identification sheet again. Some mistakenly interchange the AUDIO for the USB. The USB is the 5 pin slim connector.

When should I expect my cable after placing my order?

I do my best to get all orders shipped within one week of receiving payment.

Are all leads covered in sleeved braiding?

No. Just 18 inches, starting at the apple connector. 

What are the white dots on the USB and Pwr Button leads?

White dots represent (+) lead and orientation.

I have a Late 2005 G5 case that has a different front panel board. Now what?

Purchase one of the older G5 model boards listed above and simply swap them out. They fit interchangeably.

Helpful Links

Total Length - 30 inches
G5 Front Panel I/O Board


The NoFireWire Cable is used Instead Of a separate FireWire card. This is a  single patch wire that connects the GND pin of the FireWire lead on the G5 Cable to a ground point on your motherboard.

Use the GND from an unused USB header connector or from multiple available locations on your FPANEL mb connector.

Firewire Motherboard header connector or
separate PCI/PCIe IEEE 1394a Card


x1 USB
x1 Pwr Button
x1 LED


x1 FireWire
x1 Audio

OPTIONAL: 15" NoFireWire Cable

The G5 front panel circuit board utilizes the USB and FIREWIRE GND connector to complete the circuit. If you don't have FireWire on your motherboard, then a separate firewire card is necessary or the optional NoFireWire cable.

See Helpful Links below.

Firewire Card Examples (unverified, but appears they should work)




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